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GLV-1-10086 GLV-1-10113 GLV-1-10115 GLV-1-10117
GLV-1-10118 GLV-1-10119 GLV-1-10120 GLV-1-10181
GLV-1-10182 GLV-1-10183 GLV-1-10184 GLV-1-10185
GLV-1-10187 GLV-1-10188 GLV-1-10190 GLV-1-10191
GLV-1-10192 GLV-1466 GLV-1467 GLV-1470
Fish Transitional Decorative Vase - Large Fat - GLV-1466
Reg. Price: $197.50
Sale Price: $95.99
GLV-1473 GLV-1555 GLV-1556 GLV-1559
Fish Transitional Decorative Vase - Small Fat - GLV-1473
Reg. Price: $87.50
Sale Price: $65.99
Bowling Red Begonia Traditional Vase - GLV-1555
Reg. Price: $87.50
Sale Price: $65.99
Red Discus Transitional Wall Vase - GLV-1556
Reg. Price: $122.50
Sale Price: $74.99
Bowling Pin Begonia Traditional Vase - GLV-1559
Reg. Price: $87.50
Sale Price: $65.99
GLV-1570 GLV-1825 GLV-1842 GLV-1845
Glass Lichen Contemporary Bowl - GLV-1825
Reg. Price: $197.50
Sale Price: $95.99
Lunar Contemporary Cachepot - Small - GLV-1842
Reg. Price: $82.99
Sale Price: $57.88
Soleil Pill Transitional Vase - Small - GLV-1845
Reg. Price: $82.99
Sale Price: $79.99
GLV-1870 GLV-1871 GLV-1872 GLV-1884
Golden Grass Transitional Vase - Large - GLV-1884
Reg. Price: $98.12
Sale Price: $92.99
GLV-1962 GLV-2233 GLV-2240 GLV-2245
GLV-2249 GLV-2250 GLV-2-40001 GLV-25
GLV-3-30590 GLV-3-30591 GLV-3-30668 GLV-3-30693
GLV-3-30854 GLV-3-30906 GLV-3-30952 GLV-3-30953
Don Quixote Traditional Wall Plaque - GLV-3-30952
Reg. Price: $98.12
Sale Price: $92.99
Sancho Panza Traditional Wall Plaque - GLV-3-30953
Reg. Price: $98.12
Sale Price: $92.99
GLV-3-30984 GLV-3-30999 GLV-3-31000 GLV-3-31001
GLV-3-31016 GLV-3-31022 GLV-3-31048 GLV-3-31049
GLV-3-31082 GLV-3-31145 GLV-3-31153 GLV-3-31156
GLV-3-31159 GLV-3-31162 GLV-4-80111 GLV-4-80113
GLV-4-80114 GLV-4-80115 GLV-4-80119 GLV-4-90038
GLV-4-90054 GLV-5145 GLV-5146 GLV-5148
GLV-5143 GLV-4-80110 GLV-4-80109 GLV-4-80026
GLV-3-31069 GLV-3-31062 GLV-3-31052 GLV-3-31004
GLV-2111 GLV-1960 GLV-1959 GLV-1957
GLV-1956 GLV-6-60006 GLV-6-60007 GLV-6-60070
GLV-6-60071 GLV-6-60072 GLV-6-60076 GLV-6-60077
GLV-6-60078 GLV-6-60079 GLV-6-60118 GLV-6-60119
Amber Tube Transitional Vase - Large - GLV-6-60118
Reg. Price: $81.99
Sale Price: $60.99
GLV-6-60120 GLV-6-60157 GLV-6-60214 GLV-6-60215
Amber Tube Transitional Vase - Small - GLV-6-60120
Reg. Price: $67.99
Sale Price: $54.99

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